Pupuk Bio

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Uno Fortune Inc. adalah Produsen terkemuka, Supplier dan Eksportir Pupuk Bio, dengan pabrik di Taiwan. Kami menyediakan dan ekspor kelas tinggi secara konsisten produk dan terus-menerus memperbaiki proses manufaktur dan lingkungan kerja melalui keterlibatan karyawan total dan ketaatan pada etika bisnis yang adil. Kami telah mendapatkan beberapa paten di lapangan. Ketulusan dan kerja keras telah membantu kami untuk mencocokkan kualitas kami dengan standar internasional. Jika Anda tertarik dalam setiap gaya produk kami, jangan ragu untuk hubungi kami.
Kebijakan kami adalah untuk mencapai kepuasan pelanggan baik dengan menyediakan tingkat tinggi

Pupuk Bio

dan jasa yang memenuhi atau melebihi harapan mereka. Ini adalah kekuatan kami untuk memproduksi produk yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan yang tepat dari klien kami mulai dari industri kecil untuk unit manufaktur.
Since 1993, Uno Fortune has started to promote sustainable organic non-toxic farming practice, as under an environment of non-toxic is the only way to eliminate disease and pest damages on the plants, thereby allowing them to grow healthier, protect the consumers in food safety, and maintain the earth's ecological environment. Meanwhile, the effective organic non-toxic farming practice is the only way to allow the agriculture products to make a breakthrough in red ocean restrains and to create the blue ocean new markets! Therefore, Uno Fortune has created the "3 in 1" products in 1994 that stresses simple application methods to generate high efficiency, allowing the non-toxic practice to create real economic value!

Hence, Uno Fortune's "3 in 1" products have cultivated the most royalty clienteles for more than 15 years! The safety and non-toxic environment have benefited them with good health, and not only do the agricultural products are safer to consume due to non-use of pesticides, the Uno Fortune's "3 in 1" products have even upgraded their quality! If you should try, we believe that their experience can also be duplicated on your farm business:

  1. No more price crushing or sales blockages on agricultural products caused by pesticide usage and chemical prohibition problems.
  2. Safeguard the safety of users and consumers to rule out the danger of using the toxic substances or accidental poisoning incident.
  3. Eliminate the problems of disease and pest damages (viruses, bacteria, fungi, alternaria fungi, mutated pathogens, nematodes, pest harms, etc.), and drug resistance. The products can be used long-term without the company of pesticides. The results are no drug-resistant problems, near perfection of disease and pest prevention and treatments, virtuous cycle, and able to yield good quality and quantity of agricultural products in high and steady prices.
  4. The products are non-toxic, and have no residual after being diluted and decomposed to safeguard the global environment.
  5. The efficient "3 in 1" effects can be achieved at once. Plant growth, and the elimination and prevention of disease and pest damages can be done at once.
  6. The way of usage is simple, namely: to kill the worm by spraying on it (500 fold dilution; one time every 3~5 days); the disease will be cured only by root watering (500 fold dilution; one time every 3~5 days); keep maintenance ordinarily (1000 fold dilution; one time every 5~10 days).
  7. Best applicability: No limitations to plants, pests, diseases, and environmental types.
  8. High effectiveness, high economic interests, and high health and environmental benefits. If Uno Fortune's "3 in 1" products are used regularly, they are able to nurture and reduce the occurrence of disease and pest damages, improve the cure rate against disease and pest damages effectively, enhance the quality of agricultural products, promote a proportional growth of work efficiency and economic interests, as well as to look after both health and environmental protection.
  9. Avoid side effects caused by interactive use of multiple agricultural products.
  10. The non-toxic Uno Fortune's "3 in 1" products are able to show their importance in reducing global warming effect, energy saving and carbon reduction, avoiding food shortages, increasing land utilization rate, and help extending the agriculture industry from the countryside to the city. They are able to popularize the agriculture facilities at the shortest time, minimum money spent, and the use of least equipment!

Uno Fortune's "3 in 1" products are divided into two categories: The 3 in 1-Natural Mucilage Organic Fertilizer (introduced since 1994), and 3 in 1-Natural Plant Activity Enzyme (introduced since 2010). Both products contain "G-protein as an effective ingredient", allowing its demand from plants and animals being far exceeding the disease and pest damages, and the latter is added with "Plant Activity Enzyme" to enhance the effectiveness of "effective formula G-protein". Currently, the latest product of 3 in 1-Natural Mucilage Organic Fertilizer is Nano-5, and that of 3 in 1-Natural Plant Activity Enzyme is Uno-1.