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As a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Taiwan,we specialize in the Fungicide Organic manufacturing. We have more than decade rich experience in the product's development,sales and installing,our products have obtained great reputation in domestic and oversea. Our company with high quality products, best services and good reputation, have won a great customers'support,and became more strength and powerful,the scale has been expanded and owned ourself manufactory.
Fungicide Organic - Uno-2-D

Model: Uno-2-D
Fungicide Organic
Principles of SUPER
Single product with three functions and single product with high applicability.
The SUPER, new and upgraded plant active enzymes, from the ocean is available in 2015! After being diluted, ring-shaped active enzymes, "Effective Formula Cyclic Plant Activity Enzyme", are formed and also stabilize the nano-molecules, "Effective Formula G-protein", developed in 1993:
Ring-shaped active enzymes combine nano-molecules, that produces the electrons with strong molecule titer to form the protection net, then spreads over the plant surface, in order to isolate pests and diseases, makes plants become more resistant to heat, cold, drought, and flooding in extreme weather. SUPER can be applied to cuttings, grafting, transplanting, and seed separation, or moving alpine plants to plains for planting. Accordingly, SUPER is suitable for isolation of any pest and disease, and suitable for any environment, and resistant to climate change!

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Fungicide Organic

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