Biological Fungicides

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Uno Fortune Inc. is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Biological Fungicides in Taiwan which are designed using high grade raw material that is sourced from our respected vendor base, having years of experience in the market. In addition to manufacturing them in standard dimensions, we also offer our customers the option of customizing these products as per their specific requirements. Our produce is available at very reasonable prices.
Biological Fungicides - Uno-2-D

Model: Uno-2-D
Biological Fungicides
Directions of SUPER
SUPER has two layers, so please stir well before use. With 500 to 1000- fold dilution, water roots and spray on leaves every 7-10 days. (The specific gravity is 1.15-1.20)

Precautions of SUPER
1. Please do not add any chemicals, agent, spreading agent, and trace elements upon use.
2. No need of any protection upon use. However, please do not drink the product.
3. The product can be used at any pH value or temperature, and under the sunlight.
4. The product contains no pesticide, chemicals, antibiotics, heavy metals, or hormones. Focusing on health, it is your best LOHAS partner.
5. The product is suitable for agricultural technology, evolution of traditional farming, non-toxic agriculture, import and export quarantine of agricultural products, environmental engineering and maintenance, and non-toxic home gardening. With special nature, the product is worth developing and using diversely.

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Further the use of best quality raw materials and advanced machinery equipment allows us to have a better control over our production processes, enabling us to produce

Biological Fungicides

that meet the international standards in terms of quality, durability & finish.